Cross Cultural Coaching

The objective of this programme is to help expatriate leaders assimilate to their new environment and become productive employees as quickly as possible. We aim to do that by anticipating and easing the common pain-points associated with moving to a foreign country, not just for the employee, but for their accompanying spouse.

Ideally, this programme should start before the expatriate arrives in the host country to ensure that both employee and their family discuss the implications of the posting and the related work and living issues.

After the employee has had 2-3 weeks experience of working in their new environment, their specific needs and observations will be addressed through cross-cultural coaching. This will include issues such as:

  • Cultural Value Differences - understanding your own culture and how it affects behaviour.
  • Key historical, political and geographical themes shaping Malaysian culture.
  • Business in Malaysia - how it differs from your home culture
  • Leading and communicating effectively across cultures
  • Daily living in Malaysia

The accompanying spouse should attend the last portion of the coaching session when we would discuss daily living in Malaysia to provide them with a bank of valuable information to ease their transition into this new environment.

This programme enables the expatriate leader to be productive in the shortest time possible by:

  • Addressing potential cross-cultural business issues
  • Addressing living issues like to be faced by the spouse and family

Typical Issues addressed by Cross Cultural Coaching

The programme will address issues such as:

  1. Culture shock: What it is; what it is not; how to manage it effectively
  2. Why and how work life differs from home culture
  3. Organisational and team culture in Malaysia
  4. The expatriate spouse and family dynamics
  5. Common cultural faux-pas - how to avoid making them and how to recover if you do
For details of how this process is structured, please contact us

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