Leadership and Team Transition

Organisations and teams frequently experience change in team leadership and/or the composition of team members. The objectives of the Leadership and Team Transition programme are aimed at managing the expectations of both leader and team members in areas such as:

  • Leadership style of the former and incumbent leader.
  • Knowing the respective strengths and differences of leader and team.
  • Surfacing potential issues of conflict and how to deal with them
  • Vision, alignment of team goals and the status of work-in-progress, and
  • Mutual preferences of working style and feedback mechanisms

The outcome of this programme is to make a team cohesive and productive in the shortest time possible

Typical Issues addressed by Leadership and Team Transition

The programme will address issues such as:

  1. Managing leadership and team change in organisations
  2. Opening lines of communication during a leadership transition
  3. Managing expectations of behaviour and performance
  4. Narrows the gap between team norming to performing, and
  5. Orientating team and leader to the culture of the team and/or organisation
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