Cross Functional Teamworking

Working effectively across functions is fast becoming a critical business competency. We developed this programme in response to the need of our clients who asked for a process that helped facilitate openness and genuine inter-dependence between functions in their organisations.

The objectives of such a facilitated programme tend to encompass:

  1. Understanding behavioural and motivational differences between functions
    • What they are
    • How they manifest in behaviour, and
    • Why these differences occur
  2. Comparison of the strengths and differences of functions and how to leverage on them
  3. Surfacing and resolving existing and potential issues of conflict
  4. Agreeing and aligning common goals, and
  5. Agreeing a code of communication to promote openness

The 15 areas of assessment are prioritised to align with the individual's job role.

These objectives are designed to facilitate trust, cohesion and openness between functions

Typical Issues addressed by Cross-Functional Teamwork

The programme will address issues such as:

  1. Identifying and breaking communication barriers between functions
  2. Aligning leadership across functions to common goals
  3. The source of conflict between functional teams (Behaviour or Inconsistent goals or deliverables)
  4. Creating a framework to manage future conflict, and
  5. Giving and receiving objective feedback
For details of how this process is structured, please contact us

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