Senior Leadership Team Development

In a broad perspective, the typical objectives of a Senior Leadership Team Development programme tend to be:

  1. Understanding the dynamics of relationships between team members
  2. Identifying strengths and differences of team members and how to leverage on them, and
  3. Creating alignment across functions

Our customised approach takes into account these and any specific objectives that your team seeks to address

Typical Issues addressed by Senior Leadership Team Development

Our Senior Leadership Team Development programme focuses on the behavioural and relationship dimension of a team. Issues that we often deal with are:

  1. Breaking cross-functional silos to create genuine inter-dependence
  2. Surfacing and resolving conflict within a team
  3. Understanding levels of difference in a team in Thinking and behavioural styles and Cross Cultural differences
  4. Enhancing communication , and
  5. Creating a team Social Contract that defines team behaviour
For details of how this process is structured, please contact us

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