Leadership 360 Assessments

This assessment gathers feedback on an individual in up to 15 areas of capability. The areas potentially assessed are:

  1. Communication
  2. Making Decisions, Result-orientation and Implementation
  3. Risk-taking and Innovation
  4. Managing Conflict
  5. Managing Relationships
  6. Developing People
  7. Engagement & Alignment
  8. Leadership and Influencing
  9. Flexibility and Openness
  10. Integrity and Resilience
  11. Technical Ability
  12. Managing and Applying Information
  13. Administrative and Organisational Skills
  14. Time Management, and
  15. Self-insight and management

The 15 areas of assessment are prioritised to align with the individual's job role.

The individual 360 assessment is designed to gather feedback on the behavioural and technical competence of a leader/manager

Typical Issues addressed by Leadership 360

This programme addresses issues by using:

  1. A diagnostic tool to determine general coaching needs
  2. Executive career development
  3. Remedial coachings
  4. Managing conflict
  5. Talent Development
For details of how this process is structured, please contact us

Cross Cultural Coaching

Cross Cultural Diagnostic Inventory

Cross Functional Teamworking

Executive Coaching