Cross Cultural Diagnostic Survey

This Diagnostic survey gathers information on the respondent's normal behaviour and measures the extent to which it differs from local norms. The following parameters are measured:

Individuality versus Collectivism
Equality versus Hierarchy
Task versus Relationship
Low Context versus High Context
Guilt versus Shame
Monochronic versus Polychronic
Secular versus Religious
Control versus Harmony

This assessment tool serves as an objective method for individuals to discover their own cultural drivers and norms . The results of the survey will be used as the framework for in-depth discussion of how cultural drivers differ and most importantly, how and why they affect behaviour

Typical Issues addressed by Cross Cultural Diagnostic Survey

The programme will address issues such as:

  1. Understanding the differences between your cultural norms and those of the people with whom you work
  2. Understanding why people from a different culture behave differently from you
  3. Understanding the impact of your normal behaviour on colleagues from another culture
For details of how this process is structured, please contact us

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