Cross Functional Diagnostic Inventory

The inventory gathers feedback in nine specific areas of cross-functional teamworking, namely:

Typically, a coaching assignment will last 6-12 months and the broad objectives of executive coaching include

  • Communication
  • Making Decisions, Result-orientation and Implementation
  • Managing Conflict
  • Engagement & Alignment
  • Leadership
  • Technical Ability
  • Managing and Applying Information
  • Flexibility and Openness, and
  • Time Management and Organisational Skills

This assessment tool serves as an objective method for functional teams in an organisation to give feedback to other functions. It is aimed at promoting greater inter-dependence between functions

Typical Issues addressed by Cross-Functional Diagnostic Inventory

The programme will address issues such as:

  1. Effective team-working between functions
  2. Managing conflict and potential conflict between functions
  3. Improving communication
For details of how this process is structured, please contact us

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