Executive Coaching

Executive coaching aims to help facilitate individual growth and improve performance and will guide a client towards specific, clearly defined professional goals. Having the right coach with the right tools is crucial to success. We are qualified to administer a number of psychometric assessments which help the client realise the nature and impact of his current behaviour; assess a variety of alternative approaches; become aware of his strengths and learn how and when to apply them.

Typically, a coaching assignment will last 6-12 months and the broad objectives of executive coaching include

  • Focus on 2-3 areas which will maximise leadership results
  • Increased self awareness
  • Leading and working within teams
  • Managing change
  • Identifying, engaging and influencing stakeholders
  • Dealing with conflict

The 15 areas of assessment are prioritised to align with the individual's job role.

Suitable candidates for Executive coaching include:

  • Newly promoted managers with limited experience of people management
  • Managers who have difficulty engaging others
  • Those who are motivated to be coached to change behaviour
  • Those willing to think through and tackle their own problems
  • Those working in an environment supportive to the goals of coaching
For details of how this process is structured, please contact us

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Executive Coaching